Control module



4-Way Curtain Control Module
4-Way Strong Current Motor Or Dry Contact Motor

Module ID address can be easily and quickly configured with OLED screen RS485 or C-BUS bus communication mode is adopted to connect the module to the intelligent system.

Module supports key manual switch.
Definition of buttons and interfaces:
1). There are four buttons on the module display screen, which aresetting, adding, subtracting and confirming from left to right;
2). There are 8 buttons on the right side of the module. Each button can switch a single group.
Suggested retail price $1917

Multi point control

Bus electric motor scheme

1. The motor needs to be equipped with a control line, and the curtain box is reserved with a zero line.
2. Electric control + light touch start + power cut hand pull + ultra quiet operation + electronic memory limit + stop in case of resistance.
3. Applicable to the control scheme of intelligent motor in the whole housev.



4-Way Curtain Control Module

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